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Where Do You GOCO: March 2018 Projects

Monday, April 16, 2018 -- GOCO

There’s a lot of fanfare around grant awards, but what happens after the ceremonial checks are presented and the reporters have published their articles? Our partners get down to business.

For 25 years, GOCO has improved Colorado’s great outdoors with the help of Colorado Lottery profits. We’ve put more than $1 billion in proceeds back into 5,000 projects to improve the lives of Coloradans across the state.

After projects are awarded funding, grant recipients have about two years to make their projects happen. In March, seven projects crossed the finish line, representing more than $1.1 million GOCO invested in communities across the state. Scroll to see if one’s near you:

Carmody Park Redevelopment

$350,000 GOCO grant to City of Lakewood

With its GOCO funding, the City of Lakewood updated Carmody Park with a new playground, picnic pavilion, restrooms, and landscaping. The previous park equipment dated back to the 1980s and was not universally accessible. The new playground is designed for children of all abilities and serves to inspire the city’s youth to play outside more often. Learn more about our Local Park and Outdoor Recreation (LPOR) grants >>

Fremont Pass Recreation Path Planning Project

$75,000 GOCO grant to Summit County

With this grant, Summit County and Lake County collaborated on the design of a trail system to traverse Fremont pass and connect the two counties. The trail project aims to offer regional connectivity throughout Colorado’s central mountains and enhance pedestrian and cyclist safety in the area. Learn more about our Planning grants >>

Galley Ranch Conservation Project

$436,000 GOCO grant to Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust

This funding helped CCALT acquire a conservation easement on 683 acres of Galley Ranch, an inholding within the Uncompahgre National    Forest. This transaction was the final phase of CCALT’s Galley Ranch Conservation Project, through which 477 acres of land were previously conserved. The property provides scenic views of surrounding mountains and habitat for big-game wildlife, migratory birds, and listed sensitive species. Curious about conservation easements? Read more here >>

Samuels Project Citizen 2015

$33,060 GOCO grant to City and County of Denver

The City and County of Denver, in partnership with Samuels Elementary School, utilized GOCO funds to expand the school’s community garden and build a shaded outdoor classroom space. Fifteen new plots were added to the garden, doubling the amount of food produced for school lunches and food pantry donations. The garden also serves as a park space for apartment-dense, surrounding neighborhoods. Learn what entities are eligible for GOCO funding >>

South Lakewood Elementary School Playground

$110,000 GOCO grant to City of Lakewood

In partnership with the City of Lakewood, South Lakewood Elementary School tore down its aging playground and replaced it with new, ADA-accessible equipment. Most of the old equipment dated back to the 1950s and was no longer appealing to the students. The new play area is accessible to children of all abilities and includes a play pit, a climbing structure, tire swings, shade structures, a walking track, and an outdoor classroom. Read more about our School Yard Initiative >>

Swift Ponds Russian Olive Removal and Noxious Weed Eradication

$24,890 GOCO grant to Colorado Open Lands

Colorado Open Lands and Colorado Youth Outdoors (CYO) partnered with Weld County Youth Conservation Corps and Larimer County Weed District to improve habitat and enhance ecological diversity at CYO-owned Swift Ponds in northern Colorado. The project involved removing Russian Olive trees on 36 acres of the site and addressing noxious weed issues on another 126 acres. Removal of the weeds helps with regrowth of native species and improves water access for wildlife. Learn more about our Habitat Restoration grants >>

Weldon Valley Preschool Playground Transformation 2017

$110,000 GOCO grant to Morgan County

Morgan County partnered with Weldon Valley Preschool to replace the school’s outdated and unsafe playground. The new play area provides opportunities for nature interaction and includes water and sand elements, swings, shade structures, and new playground equipment. View a map of GOCO’s investments in Morgan County >>

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