More than 900 miles of trail
your legs can hate us for.

Trails are great. They get you out of your car and back into nature. They help boost the economy so communities can thrive. But they also take work to build and maintain. And that’s where our hardworking partners come in.

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Projects Funded

The projects we’ve helped fund have had an incredible impact on every county in Colorado. Some have improved outdoor access. Others have protected and restored our lands and rivers. And it’s always been our privilege to support this critically important work.

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Acres Conserved

Those acres give people a place to get out and enjoy nature. They protect wildlife and their habitats. They sustain local agriculture and boost local economies. And they help safeguard our water supply, just to name a few.

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Parks Created or Improved

You don’t have to go far to enjoy all the great outdoors has to offer. GOCO funding has supported reaction areas right where you live. From neighborhood parks and universally accessible playgrounds to outdoor classrooms and county fairgrounds. So come on out and play.

Programs & Projects

Colorado is one 
good-looking state.

And we’d like to help keep it that way. We give our partners a financial leg up. Then they roll up their sleeves and get to work. They have ambitious visions, and they see them through. It’s GOCO’s job to support them along the way.

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Land Acknowledgment

We should never forget that the lands and waters of our beautiful state are the homeland of many tribes. They include the Apache Nation, Arapaho Nation, Cheyenne Nation, Pueblo Tribes, Shoshone Tribe, and Ute Nation. We recognize the past and ongoing injustices perpetrated against Indigenous peoples including the painful history of genocide, forced removal, and stolen land. We respect and honor Elders past, present, and future, and all Indigenous peoples for their relationship with this land throughout generations.

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