GOCO is in need of volunteer peer reviewers for Spring Local Government Land Acquisition, Local Park and Outdoor Recreation, Mini and Planning grant applications.

As a peer reviewer, you are responsible for reading and commenting on up to 10 grant applications, which will be mailed to you no later than March 13. You will have until the week of April 14 to review and comment on the applications. Each application takes anywhere from an hour to two hours to read, depending on the application.

We ask that you participate in an orientation teleconference lasting roughly 20 minutes to be held during the week of March 10 (exact dates and times TBD).

Additionally, you will need to be available for a two-hour teleconference/meeting during the week of April 14 to go through your comments on each application with the reviewers and GOCO staff members in your group. These meetings are very important to the scoring process and we ask that you be available to attend either via teleconference or in person at the GOCO office in downtown Denver. Finally, it is vital to our process that you provide scores and valuable comments on each application.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a GOCO grant peer reviewer, please email Luke Bolinger at lbolinger@goco.org with your complete mailing address, email address and phone number.

GOCO will select peer reviewers following the application deadline of March 5, 2014.

Be sure to indicate whether you are submitting a grant application in the Spring 2014 cycle and under which program you are applying. Applying for a GOCO grant will not necessarily disqualify you from reviewing in a different program.