Sammie joined the GOCO Programs team (East Region) in Summer 2021.

What did you do before you came to GOCO?

I was the Executive Director of the Bent County Development Foundation, which is Bent County’s economic developer. I’m also currently the co-owner of Good Day Disc Golf LLC, a mobile disc golf retail store serving Southeast and Southern Colorado. Additionally, I officiate high school volleyball, and I homeschool my son.

What brought you to GOCO?

The job posting for GOCO kind of fell into my lap while working at the Bent County Development Foundation. The job itself looked like a great opportunity on paper, and the more I’ve learned about the work culture, GOCO’s values and mission, and the projects that GOCO partners in, the more I appreciate the opportunity and the honor of working for this organization.

What has been your favorite part of working here so far?

I love knowing that my work will positively impact the communities that I live, work, and play in throughout Colorado. I also love that I work alongside people who enjoy and appreciate Colorado’s great outdoors as much as I do.

What is your typical day like?Sammie.George

Outside of work, you will likely find me doing something disc golf-related… playing a casual round with my husband and son, competing in a tournament, working a tournament with our mobile store, or planning for an upcoming event that Good Day Disc Golf is hosting (clinic, tournament, course installation, etc.). Outside of disc golf, I enjoy the opportunity to escape to the lake with my paddleboard, take a bike ride, or simply relax in my “backyard oasis.” If given the chance, I will head out on a mountain biking or hiking adventure, and I’m always game for riding horses (for work or play).

What are some of your favorite things to do outdoors? 

I enjoy recreational activities that span all seasons, including disc golf, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, snowshoeing, horseback riding, corn hole, camping, paintball, music festivals, and more.

Where is your favorite place to get outdoors in Colorado?

Anywhere in the mountains, on a disc golf course, or on the water spending time with friends and/or family.

What is your most memorable outdoors mishap? 

My friend was just introducing me to mountain biking in Snowmass Village, so she made it a point to “take it easy on me.” One day she said she wanted to take me on a new trail that her now-husband had told her about. We set off on our adventure, and about two hours into what I would consider the most grueling, exhausting, and demoralizing uphill mountain biking experience of my life EVER, she came to the realization that she had taken me the “wrong way” on the trail, and that the way we had just come up was usually the down-hill (and fun) part of the loop. The way normal people go the other direction on. After long hours, a couple of wrecks, some hateful thoughts and comments, and gallons of sweat poured out on the trail, we made it home, cracked a craft beer, and laughed about the whole experience, feeling all the prouder of ourselves for pushing through.

What is the coolest wildlife you have spotted in Colorado?

Wild horses near Palisade, CO. I’ve always loved horses and considered them the most majestic animal of God’s creation, but nothing compares to seeing the wild horse bands roaming free over the terrain of Western Colorado.