​Okay, so you know that we award grants, but did you know that we do everything we can to ensure that your grant application is successful? (Provided you’re an eligible organization with an eligible project.)

Our program staff members are available to discuss your project before you submit an application and give you helpful information along the way. You can also submit an application for pre-review up to two weeks prior to the grant deadline to ensure that your application is in the best shape possible.

Another resource we provide is a series of free grant-writing workshops held in the spring and fall prior to each grant cycle. These workshops are held in locations across the state and are designed to help you prepare a grant-winning application for park, outdoor recreation and environmental education projects.

Our staff will walk you through the grant process, answer your questions, discuss individual projects, and offer helpful tips on becoming a GOCO grantee. Quite simply, we view your success as our success.

  • Make sure your project is consistent with our mission.
  • Remember that our grant process is VERY competitive.
  • Contact us prior to submitting your application to discuss your project.
  • Reapply if you’re not successful the first time!
  • Read the entire grant application before starting on it.
  • Make sure you apply in the right grant cycle.
  • Answer all questions on the application and provide all the information requested.
  • Submit your application for pre-review up to two weeks prior to the grant deadline.