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Generation Wild Introduces "Wilder": New Creature Embodies the Joy and Wonder of the Great Outdoors

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 -- GOCO
July 16, 2019

DENVER – Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) is launching a new phase of its Generation Wild marketing campaign with the help of an extraordinary creature, "Wilder," who will spark imaginations while connecting people of all ages to the wonder of being outside according to Rosemary Dempsey, communications director at GOCO.

"As Generation Wild enters its third year, we wanted to bring to life something remarkable to help us continue to deliver our message around how kids grow better outside," Dempsey added. "Wilder does just that. He helps remind us of the imaginative play we adults used to engage in and serves to introduce today's kids to the notion that playing outside can be every bit as fun and cool as sitting in front of a screen. That adventure awaits in the great outdoors."

Looking like a yeti, mountain goat, golden doodle or perhaps a combination of the three, Wilder embodies the imagination, wonder and creativity we all experience when we are outside at any time of the year. He may seem a little wild on the outside, but Wilder is all friend as he invites people young and old to reconnect with nature and to be more active, creative and self-reliant. In fact, he’s “Part goat. Part yeti. All friend.”

Produced in conjunction with Sukle Advertising & Design, Wilder makes his official debut on television July 15, 2019 and with in-person appearances at events across Colorado through the summer and beyond. Also look for him online in digital ads and social media and in movie theaters.

Generation Wild was created by GOCO to reconnect kids with nature by increasing the amount of time they spend outside in unstructured play – the kind of play that used to be way more common. The program is an integrated, statewide effort that involves providing parents and caregivers inspiration for getting children outdoors.

The Generation Wild website details the benefits of outdoor play and offers strategies and tips to nudge children away from the television, computer or other screens in a fun and engaging manner. Centered around the notion that “Kids grow better outside,” the initiative has resonated with moms across the state. In fact, after two campaign seasons, more than 73.8% of Colorado moms surveyed reported having heard about Generation Wild. Of those, 65.9% reported either having or using Generation Wild’s 100 Things to Do Before You’re 12 list, and 60% of moms surveyed indicated their child had engaged in 31+ activities from the list.

Generation Wild enjoys broad support from statewide non-profit, public and private partner organizations, including Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Colorado State Library, and Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. It’s also an on-the-ground initiative by 15 locally based coalitions in Generation Wild communities working to create new places to play, outdoor programs, and pathways to leadership opportunities and jobs in the outdoors.

Go to GenerationWild.com to access more information on Wilder, Generation Wild and all the innovative ideas to help children get outside and play. Follow Generation Wild on Instagram and on its Facebook page and group.