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Local Government Parks & Recreation / Mini Grants

Buena Vista Optimist Park Splash Pad. Photo courtesy of the Town of Buena Vista.

Local Park and Outdoor Recreation (LPOR) grants, up to $350,000 per project, and mini grants, up to $45,000 per project costing $60,000 or less, fund:

  • New park development
  • Enhancing existing park facilities
  • Park land acquisition
  • Environmental education facilities: Building new facilities or enhancing existing ones.

Please note: GOCO does not fund maintenance, programming, or non-fixed assets (i.e. lawnmowers, rakes, etc)

Who Can Apply

Cities, counties, and parks and recreation districts are eligible for LPOR and mini grants. Eligible entities can sponsor projects on behalf of school districts, unincorporated cities and towns, community groups, and other ineligible entities. Applicants must provide at least 25% of the total project cost in matching funds, at least 10% of which must be a cash match.

How To Apply

Before beginning your application, contact program coordinator Madison Brannigan (303-226-4526) to discuss your project's eligibility.

When applying, please review the entire document before you begin your application, paying particular attention to eligibility criteria so you are sure your project meets all requirements. Do not reference or re-use applications from prior grant cycles. 

All applications must be submitted online through GOCO's grantee portal here >>




Contact Madison Brannigan at 303-226-4526.