Faces of GOCO: Meet Shelby Winter

Before my time at GOCO, I worked as a manager of The BlowDry Lounge Cherry Creek for a couple years.

Faces of GOCO: Meet Adrian Varney

Prior to joining GOCO, I was the Assistant to the Parks and Wildlife Commission where I spent five years learning about the impact the conservation world can have in helping a facilitate a better future for our next generation.

Faces of GOCO: Meet Lauren Lecy

Before coming to GOCO, I worked for the Conference Services department on campus as their social media and marketing intern.

Faces of GOCO: Meet Michelle Schrote

When my husband and I moved to Colorado, I joined an accounting firm that specializes in government healthcare programs, which is where I was until joining GOCO.

Faces of GOCO: Meet Hunter Rush

I’ve worked a few different jobs such as land surveying and at a car wash, but this is my first internship.

Faces of GOCO - Meet Chris Castilian

I am a recovering lawyer and have worked in a variety of public, non-profit, and corporate settings for my career.